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Fernanda’s passion for Pilates began in 2007 while studying Exercise and Sports Science in Brazil. She worked as a Pilates instructor and also as a Personal Trainer for two years before moving to Australia. In 2009, Fernanda undertook Certificate IV Matwork with Polestar Australia and went on to complete the Diploma of Professional Pilates for Rehabilitation (2011).

Fernanda has been teaching Pilates for the last 8 years in Sydney and Brazil. She continues to develop her approach to Pilates with continuing workshops and Pilates related studies. In 2016 she became part of the Polestar Pilates Educational Team as a Pilates Mentor.

Fernanda enjoys the journey of teaching Pilates from beginners to advanced athletes. She also has a special passion for teaching Pilates to rehabilitate back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee injuries. She believes that intelligent movement has a positive impact in people’s life.


Fernanda Barth LeiePlank Pilates Studio Co-founderLuisa Saiter LinsPlank Pilates Studio Co-founder

Luisa’s interest in Pilates started back in 2005 when she attended her first studio session. At that time Luisa was completing a university degree in Communication & Journalism in Brazil so becoming a Pilates Instructor wasn’t part of her plan. During the next 5 years she attended more Pilates classes and by the time she landed in Australia her career path was set.

In 2010, Luisa completed a Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology. In 2011, she completed the Cert IV in Matwork & the Comprehensive Reformer through Polestar Australia and straight after she completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates.

Today, Luisa is part of the Polestar Pilates Educational Team and is highly qualified as a Pilates Educator and Mentor. Luisa is very dedicated with her teaching and is passionate about the educational programs she runs. She brings to her sessions a skilful way of teaching precision and flow and is well known for her enthusiasm and positive attitude that truly benefits her clients.


Rita Barbosa

With over 30 years of experience in Dance companies, TV shows, movies & Broadway musicals Rita comes from a vast movement background. Her interest in Pilates started when she was a former professional ballerina in Brazil and in London afterwards.

In 1997 Rita completed her bachelor degree in Physiotherapy in Brazil and 2 years later she Post Graduated in Respiratory Physiotherapy. In 2007 Rita moved to Australia where she undertook Cert IV in Fitness becoming a Personal Trainer and also a Tai Chi instructor after some studies.

In 2014 Rita decided it was time to start her Pilates journey. She completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates for Rehabilitation with Polestar Australia in that same year.

Rita is not only a great mover but she’s also passionate about teaching people how to move. Precision, positivity and knowledge are qualities that are easily noticed when Rita is instructing.


Nikki Trapl

It was during a period of intense Dance training at the WA Academy of Performing Arts that Nikki was introduced to the Pilates method. Regular Pilates sessions soon became an educational discovery of how to fine tune her own Dance technique.

Soon after she finished her Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance, Nikki returned to Sydney where she completed her Pilates qualification. Nikki is also a qualified Gyrotonic practitioner. Most recently, she has studied the work of Tom Myers. Applying his concepts of Anatomy Trains  to Body Reading and exploring the Myofascial Slings through Contemporary Pilates movement. 

Teaching since 2000 Nikki has a vast work experience from the general fitness to the more specific areas of Rehabilitation. Through her teaching she endeavouring to facilitate the confidence her clients need to attain greater ease and freedom of movement. Learning to trust that our  highly receptive Myofascial system, when trained specifically, will move toward better health, well being and optimal functionality. 


Giane Camara

Giane is a person of passion for healthy life habits, a great believer in the power of Mind, Nutrition, Movement and Spirit as the main foundation for it.

Professionally she comes from a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy obtained in Brazil, with a Research Master's in Human Movement Sciences. She was introduced to Pilates as a rehab method after the birth of her son. And loved it. It enhanced her recovery physically and spiritually from the roller coaster of motherhood, and reconnected her to her passion for teaching movement.

Giane sees Pilates as a form of Meditation, a way to establish inner connections at the physical and psychical levels. A form of deepening knowledge about oneself.

Passionate about rehab and healthy lifestyle, with great interest in research and evidence based approaches, her practice will be surrounded by a peaceful and positive vibe.